senses sensei

by yesper

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Recorded and written in the empty penthouses of an unfinished high-rise above downtown Seattle. Working a normal office job and sneaking around like a cat burglar in unoccupied apartments at night. Eventually the building filled up and I started irritating the neighbors, so the recording was brought to a halt. senses sensei is the result of all the late night sneaking around.


released October 31, 2014


all rights reserved



yesper Seattle, Washington

yesper is a box with strings, one pair of hands, a mouth and a mic. Seattle is home now, but I still miss Virginia from time to time. i make records by myself because i'm afraid of commitment. i make records in secret so that they'll sound mysterious. i make records.

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Track Name: vulgar mouth
You look good in a suit, you said
While I imagined you undressed
Geometry elegant
My filthy thoughts, your simple dress

Coming out of the bar I was as steady as a tremor, girl
The consummate gentleman, a reckless drunk, subtle as fuck

Come on, come on and kiss my vulgar mouth

In the light through the blinds you lift your shirt and shift from clothes to skin
Geometry elegant
My filthy thoughts are colorless
Track Name: northern states
Contact, radio makes contact
To the southern reaches of the northern states
Power out
Halogen burns low now
The electric speeches of the wires die out

Then the humming mind
Startled by quiet
Sharp as a sudden swim in icy water
Elevator light
Cubicle mine
I was enthralled by the appalling quiet

Contrast, in the office, contrast
Steady hands make missteps
No one notices
Phantom gentlemen make comments
Float behind your desk chair and
Rattle paperclips

Then the humming mind
Hardened by time
Numb as a fencepost in the winter ground
Salivating choir
Funeral pyre
Humming soprano with my shoes untied
Track Name: honest men
In a tiny glass
I can dive from half a mile up
For a vicious crowd
Prop my head in lion jaws

On the western coast
In a suit and coat
You can count the honest men

You are gracious, girl
To allow me what I please
When the money's right I'll
Slip my dress above my knees

In a bed of ghosts
Moving slow and close
Like the brush of snow on skin
Track Name: moving parts
The body stands in motion
The body knows the truth
The knotted shoulders bunch up
Heat in the moving parts

The printer's daughter clenches her teeth at night
She curses in her sleep
The knotted jawline ground shut
Heat in the moving parts
Track Name: butcher's boy
Lay that heart on the polished steel
The butcher's boy knows that the body is
A system of wires and reels
Simple parts, no less graceful for it

Confidence of an idiot
Tower crane sway like a cattail
We climbed at night and faced east
And we saw the suburb glow and then the black of the sea
Track Name: brightest minds
We don't move, we just talk it to death
Keep our hands to ourselves
Inarticulate bastards of men

We don't move, we just watch through the cracks
Phantom limbs, phantom girls behind glass
In the dim light the wires climb unchecked
The brightest minds of kensington tech
The brightest signs on highway exits

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