Bigger Animals

by yesper

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This is the noise that Kevin McNamara and I made as a ghostly tropical blues duo. We recorded the guitar and drums at the same time in our beer-soaked practice space at Crybaby Studios. Our room was beer-soaked because there was a bar above us and when their kegs leaked, it rained beer. The main vocals and Kevin's sweet harmonies were recorded in some of the same empty apartments where Senses Sensei was written.


released July 19, 2016


all rights reserved



yesper Seattle, Washington

yesper is a box with strings, one pair of hands, a mouth and a mic. Seattle is home now, but I still miss Virginia from time to time. i make records by myself because i'm afraid of commitment. i make records in secret so that they'll sound mysterious. i make records.

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Track Name: Bigger Animals
Easy on the eyes, but distant
Even when we lie undressed
Sleeping on the job, you twitch and yawn
I could not apply the lesson you were trying to get through my skull
You could not disguise your frustration

Its a judgement call
When the lust wears off

Simple animal attraction
Simple appetites to feed
Bigger animals eat up the small
I was under the impression we were gonna pull through
You were underneath another dude

Its a judgement call
when the lust wears off
And I could not hide my doubts

Easy on the eyes, but cryptic
Like a movie in reverse
Bigger animals spit up the small
Track Name: Early Runner
Split my love right down the middle
Dig out every sour seed
All the fat and gristle
Split my love wide

Split my chest right down the center
A belly full of black bees
Buzzing up through my ribs
To slip past my teeth

Oh, my lungs
Balloons in a cage
Oh, my heart
Piss in the grapes
The early runner rigs the race
Track Name: Lakes
Talk in the dark
Loosen your curled-up tongue
Caught in your mouth
A cricket under a palm
Humming in the kitchen
Humming to yourself

A silent actress, a leading man
With violent habits and gentle hands
Loosen up your grip

Move in the dark
Loosen your curled-up arms
Tall in your gown
Your body under my palms
Cursing under your breath, cursing to yourself

A fine example, a leading man
With violent habits and gentle hands
Loosen up your grip

The bruise yellowed out
Grey to brown
Lakes underground
The bruises fade out
Grey to brown
Lakes underground
Track Name: Weatherman
Stormlines gathering dark in rows
The weatherman stands in the rain
Pirouettes into the howling gale
Howling back up at the hurricane

How could I predict this pressure system?

The weatherman carries a lightning rod
To Culvey Hill, under a thunderhead
He don't budge, he don't budge
He don't flinch when the bolt comes

How could I predict this pressure system?
Track Name: Cavalier Hotel
Crawl into the bathtub, spinning drunk
Southern summer, cool my head in the tap
Working through a hangover Monday morning
Pale and shaky, sneaking off to throw up
All my friends were off doing drugs on the roof of a church

Driving to the north end, 1 A.M.
The Cavalier Hotel looms from the hill
Slip into the water, cool and dark
All the neatly staggered lights from the pier
We got naked and swam 'til the lights were alarmingly small

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